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To unlock a blackberry phone you need a unique code, called an unlocking code, sometimes refered to as MEP code, MEP2 code or MEP4 code. If you yet haven’t got an unlock code then you can buy one from us here for only £2.49 (click here) MEP stands for Mobile Equipment Personalisation. Blackberry phones actually have 5 different possible locks, each requiring a unique code, that can prevent you from using your phone with another network these are called: SIM, known as MEP1 NETWORK, known as MEP2, network unlock code NETWORK SUBSET, known as MEP3 SERVICE PROVIDER, known as MEP4, service provide code. Corporate, known as MEP5 99% of the time it’s the NETWORK (MEP2) that needs to be unlocked, but some phones, particularly in the USA and Canada also require SERVICE PROVIDER (MEP4) to be unlocked. When you buy an unlock code from us we send you both the NETWORK (MEP2) and SERVICE PROVIDER (MEP4) depending on your phone you might need to either one of both of them, should you need any of the others just reply back to our email with your unlock code.
How to unlock a Blackberry Mobile
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How to unlock a Blackberry Bold 9650
How to unlock a Blackberry Curve 9360
(MEP1) (MEP2) (MEP3) (MEP4) (MEP5)
So you're ready to unlock your phone? Let's start, these instructions are going to cover several models and explain variations between them. On newer Blackberry phones to unlock it all you need to do is put in a SIM from the network you want to use, remove your back cover, take out the battery and insert your new sim, aligning the cut corner of the square sim with the phones sim slot. When the phone turns on it will ask you if you want to unlock it, answer YES. Then a screen asking to you type in the code appears. If it asks for a NETWORK MEP CODE type in the first code in our email and press enter. If it asks for a SERVICE PROVIDER CODE then type in the second code in our email and press enter. If you get CODE ERROR contact us here and chat to us online or email us (click here) If your phone does not ask you to unlock it automatically when you insert the SIM then follow these steps to do it manually.
Enter Network MEP Code (10 left):
Enter SERVICE Code (10 left):
Step 1: Make sure the SIM Card is inserted Step 2: Go to ‘Manage Connections’ and Click on ‘Turn All Connections Off’ Step 3: Select the ‘Options’ icon on your Blackberry Home screen. Step 4: Scroll down and select ‘Device’ , if you don’t see this option then skip to the next step Step 5: Scroll down and select ‘Advanced System Settings’ Step 6: Scroll down and Select ‘SIM Card’ Step 7: Now you will see some text on the screen or blank. Step 8: Type via the keypad letters ‘MEPD’ (no quotes ‘’ just letters) you won’t see what you type the screen should change to a list if it doesn’t then try this combination instead,  press and hold CAPS key and type in MEPD Step 9: The display should show you either ‘Network’ or ‘Service Provider’ as ‘Active’ Step 10: If NETWORK is ACTIVE then type MEP2 (make sure to hold ALT for 2, so you would type MEP press and hold ALT then 2), if that doesn’t ask you for a code then do it this way, press and hold ALT from the start and type MEP2 If SERVICE PROVIDER is ACTIVE then type MEP4 (make sure to hold ALT for 4, so you would type MEP press and hold ALT then 4), if that doesn’t ask you for a code then do it this way, press and hold ALT from the start and type MEP4 Step 11: The Phone will prompt to ‘Enter NETWORK/SERVICE Code (X left)’ (X = is the number of tries left to enter Unlock Code) NOTE: if you have only 1 try left, STOP! DO NOT enter the code, chat to us online or email us. It’s very important becuase should you get this attempt wrong then your phone will be permanently locked to the original network and you don’t that to happen. If you have 0 tries left, your phone is hardlocked and can not be unlocked using a unlock code. It needs to be sent to our service centre for a ‘0 TRIES LEFT’ repair (click here for more information) Step 12: The phone is asking for your code, if you are unlocking NETWORK (MEP2) then use the FIRST code in our email, if you are unlocking SERVICE PROVIDER (MEP4) then use the SECOND code in our email and then press Enter or click the Center button/track pad Step 13: The Phone will display “Code Accepted”. In case you get a “Code Error”, STOP! do NOT enter your code again. Chat to us online for further assistance. Step 14: Your Blackberry is Unlocked. The Phone will return to previous screen and Display all Locks as Disabled or Inactive Step 15: Reboot device by pulling battery out Step 16: Go to ‘Manage Connections’ and click on ‘Restore Connections’
How to unlock a Blackberry Smartphone Videos
Here are the same instructions listed above as a video.